Malaysians implore Umno to REALLY change for the better

Umno’s hope lies in leaders with principles

…Middle-rung leaders like Datuk Seri Nazri Abd Aziz must be applauded for revealing the extent of corruption within Umno – firstly in declaring that money politics “has gone underground” and secondly, that it is rampant because “Umno members go into politics for self-gain and self-interest” (Sunday Star, March 8).

The admission by a serving senior party leader confirms what has been the talk among ordinary Malaysians for some time and raises the more contentious question of why the top Umno leadership has not made much headway in combating the scourge despite promises to do serious soul searching after the last general elections.

Nazri’s decision not to contest in the Umno elections because he does not want to be part of the despicable corrupt culture is indeed telling, and raises questions about the willingness of the other candidates to follow suit.

One can see the validity of Nazri’s argument that being in competition with the practitioners of money politics somewhat implicates you and compromises your own integrity.

Declaring your love for your race and the party representing it may be fashionable but, to me, it is just a flimsy show of loyalty, nationality and patriotism.

Parading the streets to demonstrate your love for the Malay language and culture may be trendy but, to me, quite unproductive. There are a million more wholesome and meaningful ways to show you care!

And you don’t have to be an Umno vice-president or Supreme Council member to restore the much-maligned dignity of the Malays. If the party leaders are indeed sincere, they must immediately embark on a strategic course of action or programmes that will penetrate the mindset at all levels of the party.

Employ the professionals and the NGOs to inject substantive content and innovative ways to reach out to their members. Announcing details of party programmes to bring about a real change in Umno is more useful than its chest-thumping rhetoric!


Kuala Lumpur.


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