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Corruption–the main reason for organized crime and crime syndicates

Preventive laws were never effective in fighting organised crime. Malaysian Bar president Christopher Leong said organised crime and criminal syndicates were present in Malaysia even when there were preventive detention laws under the Emergency Ordinance (EO) and Internal Security Act

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2-year old RM6mil mosque collapses in Terengganu

The roof of the Kampung Tebauk Mosque in Bukit Tunggal here collapsed, just five months after the roof of another mosque came down in Hulu Teren­gganu. Yesterday’s collapse, which happened at about 4am, affected about 20% of the place. The

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Najib’s slogans ring hollow

THE United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) is the dominant party in the coalition that has ruled Malaysia since independence in 1957….an outfit with a past reputation as a ruthless political machine. Yet what might be therapeutic for UMNO could prove

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Barisan Nasional government’s requests for additional budget ..again

..Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan tabled a Supplementary Supply Bill to request funds from the Consolidated Fund on July 9 … This follows an earlier request in mid-2012 for RM13.79 billion under the Supplemental Supply Bill 2012.Should the

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UMNO is no longer trusted ..

..important for older leaders to realise that they should not stay longer than necessary as people would become fed up with those “who are out of date but who still cannot accept the truth”. Dr Mahathir also said that some

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On eve of Malaysia Day, UMNO party leader Najib reverses earlier pledges, announces race based policies ahead of party polls

Najib Razak will announce measures this weekend to boost the economic role of majority ethnic Malays, signalling a reversal of earlier pledges to roll back race-based policies that have stunted the country’s competitiveness. source : Reuters “UMNO .. has been

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Malaysia’s development (under Barisan Nasional) vs Singapore’s development (under People’s Action Party)


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