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Hope #7: Leaders who can arrest and mend the rot

There is something “rotten” in Malaysia, and those who dare to voice out their concerns are being demonised by the government for it, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today. He said he, too, had become a victim

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Hope #9: Prime Minister who "is never involved in corruption or wrongdoing"

..Najib had backed the statement that Razak was a man known for his frugality and integrity, and had added that his father, who was Malaysia’s second prime minister “was never involved in corruption or wrongdoing”. Najib had also put on

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Hope #13: Clean leaders

8. Pada mulanya duit Riza Aziz dikatakan warisan harta kekayaan dari keluarga Tun Razak. Kemudian dakwaan ini dinafi. Soalannya jika tidak dari keluarga Tun Razak dari mana datang wang yang banyak ini. Apakah ianya hasil dari perniagaan? Jika ya, apa

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Harapan #6: Menteri Kewangan yang berkebolehan

Finance Minister of the Year 2013:Singapore’s dynamo presses reform Singapore is shifting its growth model from population-driven to productivity-driven expansion, while maintaining its status as an innovative trade and financial-services hub to diversified export markets. Finance minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam has

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Harapan #12: Pemimpin yang memberantas penjenayah

..Zahid had claimed that his predecessors had written similar letters when he broke his silence in January about writing a letter to FBI last December, in which he cleared Phua of involvement in a Hong Kong triak called 14K. Phua,

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Hope # 5: Sincere and moderate leaders

Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem said the Chinese must no longer be regarded as pendatang (immigrants) and urged the people to continue upholding the spirit of moderation. In his Chinese New Year address, Adenan said that while the

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Harapan # 4: Menteri yang bijaksana

She also noted that Pakatan Rakyat was made up of politicians who are intelligent and talented, unlike ministers from the ruling BN government, whom, she noted, “could not string a sentence that made sense”. source: Malaysian Insider

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