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UiTM reflects years of providing a crutch so that Malays cannot compete on a level playing field

Malaysia questions preferential treatment of Malays – Taiwan News Online Analysts and some employers say many graduates from UiTM and other state universities that have quotas favouring Malays simply cannot compete for the best private sector jobs and either swell

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Lim Kit Siang: Najib’s apology for Ahmad is INADEQUATE

Kit Siang questions Ahmad’s silence Lim asked whether Ahmad, who has shown no contrition or remorse since he made the remarks nine days ago, was fully confident that he had the mainstream support of Umno leaders and members, encouraging him

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Anwar would be a better Prime Minister than Najib

Breaking News MALAYSIAN opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim would make a better prime minister than Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s deputy, Mr Najib Razak, said the Malaysian Insider, citing a poll by Merdeka Centre. Results of the poll, based on 1,002

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Pressure mounts on Malaysian Barisan Nasional government to repeal ISA

Breaking News Protest groups and individuals are stepping up pressure on the Malaysian government to repeal harsh internal security laws, echoing the widespread outcry that marked the recent arrests under the Internal Security Act (ISA). Last Saturday marked one of

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Najib not going to UN to tell ‘good story’, have to attend to national economy ?

Najib skips UN to devote attention to the economy Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will not be going for a working visit to the United States from Sept 25 to Oct 1. Najib was scheduled to deliver

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Najib: Some people were disseminating distrust and ill feeling to strain relations between the races

The New Straits Times Online…… Datuk Seri Najib Razak said some people were disseminating distrust and ill-feeling to strain relations between the races. Is he talking about: Ahmad Ismail is a villain, not a hero Ahmad Ismail reflects racist views in

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Utusan Malaysia slammed with RM 30m legal suit for libel

UTUSAN MELAYU SLAMMED WITH RM30M LEGAL SUIT FOR ALLEGED LIBEL BY ISA DETAINEE & MP – THERESA KOK | My Sinchew UTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) reported Sep 18, 2008 that the Malay language daily had been served with a Notice of

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