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Harapan #20: Pemimpin yang disanjungi

..Mr. Najib has not limited his repression to Mr. Anwar. In recent months, dozens of activists have been charged under the same anti-sedition law that the prime minister promised to repeal. On Tuesday, police detained a famous cartoonist and announced

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Hope #19: Moderate Malaysia

“Instead what our IGP has justified was the use of thuggery, intimidation and threats by race and religious extremists to bully the minorities into fear and submission. “That the church was willing to take down the cross from its building

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Hope #18: Ministers who explain policies to the people

..Ahmad Maslan did not answer specifics or explain what the GST was about. “The government must explain. He didn’t answer the question. “It was like he was twisting it. We as students want to know what GST really is, but

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Hope #17: Leaders who has the courage to stand up to racists and extremists

“We have been living in peace and harmony and we must keet it that way. Do not follow the attitude of some groups and individuals in West Malaysia who are quarrelling every day. “They (West Malaysians) should emulate our example

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Hope #16: Leader with substance

MALAYSIA’S prime minister, Najib Razak, paints his country as a model of moderate Islam—a multicultural democracy and a beacon of tolerance. He has spoken of scrapping oppressive British-era laws and nurturing a creative economy. Meanwhile, his spin-doctors explain that their

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