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Malaysia refuse to help but 1MDB will crack: Swiss AG’s chilling remark

The Swiss Attorney General Micheal Lauber said he was confident the money laundering probe into scandal-hit Malaysian fund 1MDB would bear fruits and this despite Malaysian authorities’ refusal to cooperate. “It would have been very desirable from our perspective if

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1MDB “relying entirely on Malaysian government” to cover debts

“[Najib] can no longer remain silent on this matter, this is the single largest default by any government subsidiary ever in the history of Malaysia,” says opposition MP Tony Pua as the world watches 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) bring the

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Najib Razak: Asia’s worst finance minister 2016 – Awards

…The vast withdrawal of capital from emerging markets makes it all the more imperative for Asia’s finance ministers to pursue good governance, sensible structural reform, and sound finances. Unfortunately, the overall quality of the governments we cover has mostly deteriorated,

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Najib Razak puts Malaysia’s reputation at risk over mind-boggling donations scandal

This week attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali issued a “move along, nothing to see” order to anyone worried about the donation of such a princely sum to a sitting Prime Minister’s personal bank account in a country claiming to be a

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The threat Najib poses to Malaysia’s reputation

Events this week have done nothing to dispel a growing sense that Najib Razak has been a disastrous prime minister for Malaysia. Just 24 hours after the country’s attorney-general found that Mr Najib had no case to answer over a

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Najib’s vindication is fantasy

Dato’ Sri Mohamed Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak was born to rule. Son of Malaysia’s second post-independence prime minister and nephew of its third, he entered parliament at the age of 23, inheriting his father’s seat and was handed several

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Swiss Prosecutors Investigating 1MDB Say Malaysia Funds Were Diverted

Switzerland’s top prosecutor said $4 billion may have been misappropriated from state-owned companies in Malaysia, a significant escalation of an investigation into transactions around government fund 1MDB. The Swiss attorney general’s office said its investigation revealed indications that funds have

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