Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (mentioned in the PKFZ report) wants to sue

Developer to sue over ‘negative’ report

Port Klang Free Zone turnkey developer Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd will sue the Port Klang Authority (PKA) or audit firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, or both, over the PKFZ report.

Its group deputy CEO Datuk Faizal Abdullah said the report which was made public on Thursday was “not done in good faith” and Kuala Dimensi had no choice but to defend itself.

“I have told the legal team to proceed. They are drafting the lawsuit, but I do not know who it will be directed at yet. We have just finished reading the report, so the lawsuit will be either against the PKA or PwC, or even both,” he said yesterday.


Kapar Umno Youth Chief MPK Councillor Faizal Abdullah previously resigned because he too built a house without approval from MPK

Port Klang Free Zone had problems since 2003

The Port Klang scandal

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One comment on “Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (mentioned in the PKFZ report) wants to sue
  1. Hamba says:

    Muka dia pun memang muka lanun. Memang semua muka orang2 UMNO ni muka penyangak agaknye? This asinine has the audacity to sue the authority who are investigating their wrong doing. Bloody UMNO pirates!

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