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Umno’s arrogance of power

  ..As a Muslim democrat who believes in women’s rights and human rights, the turning point for me was the Umno general assembly of 2006. I wrote then of the barefaced racial and religious supremacist oratory at the general assembly

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Asia Sentinel – Malaysia’s Changed Political Landscape

  Recent statements threatening to make party-hopping illegal suggest that UMNO, which has plenty of experience luring opponents into its fold, is worried. Such a scenario would pave the way for the return of Anwar who, despite his many enemies,

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Samy Vellu demands Hindraf men’s release, after mauling at election

  After being mauled in the recent general elections, Malaysian Indian Congress Chief Samy Vellu on Sunday urged the Abdullah Badawi government to release the five ethnic Indian activists detained under the country’s draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) since December

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Malaysia’s ethnic Indian party wants activists freed in surprising about-turn – International Herald Tribune

  The leader of Malaysia’s main ethnic Indian party called Sunday for the release of five Indian activists, including a recently elected lawmaker, held under a security law. The move by S. Samy Vellu, head of the Malaysian Indian Congress,

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Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce supports open tender but offers its definition of fairness

  The Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce is not against an open tender system but is concerned about how “fairness” is defined.   Chamber president Rizal Faris Mohideen said the chamber was not against the new state government’s move for fairness

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Malaysia ranks 124 out of 169 in worldwide press freedom index

  Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders ranks Malaysia 124 out of 169 on its worldwide press freedom index. It says mainstream media are ‘often compelled to ignore or to play down’ opposition events. Mistake to snub cyber campaigning: Abdullah –

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Malaysia’s PM pays high price to stay in power

  MALAYSIA’S hapless Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi got something right last week: he announced a radical reshuffle of his cabinet, which included dropping several ministers who had seemed untouchable. But what Abdullah got wrong was the timing. The reshuffle is

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