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Hope #15: Stop the corruption

Zhou Yongkang, the once-feared head of China’s domestic security, has been expelled from the Communist Party and arrested, the official state news agency announced early Saturday, disclosing a barrage of charges that included taking bribes, helping family members and cronies

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Hope #14: Strong governance

Weak Governance 1MDB has drawn criticism from lawmakers because of its rising borrowing, with debt totaling 41.9 billion ringgit ($11.3 billion) as of March 2014. It repaid a $563 million overdue loan in February, after rescheduling the payment, and the

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Hope #11: Prime Minister who respects international law and human rights

The American Bar Association (ABA) has sent a letter to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, expressing concern over Malaysia’s use of the Sedition Act 1948 against a lawyer and law lecturer. The ABA also reminded Putrajaya that it was

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Harapan #8: Pemimpin yang tidak memutar belitkan sejarah

..As a British visitor wrote on TripAdvisor: “there is an emphasis on the Malay history (i.e. to the almost complete exclusion of the Chinese, Indian and other Malaysians) in the story of gaining independence, but this is somewhat ironically contrasted

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Harapan #10: Menteri Pendidikan yang berkaliber

According to Pisa’s 2012 results, Malaysian students scored below average and ranked 52 out of the 65 countries. In contrast, students in Vietnam ranked 17 out of 65. Malaysia also ranked 39 out of 44 countries under Pisa’s first assessment

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