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Police objects to setting up of Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission

We have in place adequate measures to tackle corruption and other abuses by our men. We already have the Police Force Commission and we have the Anti-Corruption Agency as well as the Tatatertib (disciplinary board) in Bukit Aman. These are

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Mandarin demand is discriminatory

I have checked some advertisements, where the criteria for potential employees includes being proficient in Mandarin.It is discriminatory. Such a practice should stop.

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24 months to develope SUV and MPV

I can assure you we are developing the product and in the normal course of business, the market certainly would like the production as soon as possible. We are thinking of 24 months, if not less. – Kamarulzaman Darus

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cannot decide now

It is not appropriate for us to make a decision and to announce it now.We will wait until the investigation is over.We already have all the facts and information through the interviews today (for making a decision later)..

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targeted, finite, transitional support of the national car

Support will continue to be given but it will be targeted, finite and transitional, not open-ended and unconditional. We will reward those who make serious and concrete efforts to achieve the kind of scale, through domestic sales and export, that

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We have to be in control

If there is a need for us to give up some equity, we will do that; but no to the point where we lose control of the national car. The partnership should not lead to undermining the national car. Whatever

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We have to look

Asked if Proton's Tanjung Malim plant would be used to assemble some cars for Alado and Chery, Kamarulzaman Darun said – We have to look at the real value and the value-added benefits.

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