Umno rife with corruption

Desperate and tainted: Malaysia’s leadership crisis |

The growing lack of confidence in the Government is fuelled by systemic corruption, especially in UMNO, and a widely held view that the benefits of economic growth have not been shared equitably, with poorer Malays and the Indian minority losing out badly. Corruption is rife in UMNO, which has become a vehicle for personal enrichment.


Umno conservatives stalling reforms

Umno full of Yes-men and hypocrites

Umno getting scared

Umno hegemony is under threat, Malays are not under threat

Umno is a nest of conspirators

Umno lacks intellectual capability, courage, energy to lead

Umno on the way down

Umno politicians in for financial gains

Umno’s arrogance of power

Umno’s formula – turn everything racial

Umno’s day is over until it learns to respect Malaysian people with more dignity

What leadership should be, but is not in Malaysia’s politicians

Wither Malaysia, under BN ?

Umno – money politics reach worrying levels

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