WSJ’s 1MDB story finalist for Pulitzer

As for WSJ, 10 articles written by journalists Tom Wright, Bradley Hope, Simon Clark Mia Lamar and James Hookway on 1MDB from June 18 to December 28, 2015 were on joint nomination for “masterful reporting that exposed corruption at the highest levels of a fragile democracy, leading to Malaysia’s Watergate.”
In a letter to the judges, WSJ had said that its coverage of Malaysia exposed in painstaking detail a major political and financial scandal that has shaken one of the world’s most entrenched ruling parties.
“The story became Malaysia’s Watergate, with secret payments, missing money and a brass-knuckle political cover-up.
“A team of 10 Journal reporters in seven countries, spearheaded by Tom Wright and Bradley Hope, spent six months untangling a giant financial web centered on 1MDB.
“They combed through thousands of pages of financial records and government documents and tracked down dozens of local Malaysian officials to prove that money from 1MDB was used for political campaigning.
“They followed the money trail from Malaysia to the Middle East, Switzerland, Australia and the US to unravel a series of complex transactions that involved a politically connected Malaysian conglomerate, charities controlled by the prime minister, Swiss private banks, offshore shell companies and a government investment fund in Abu Dhabi.”
The letter further said that the reporters pursued the story at considerable risk as Malaysia has a track record of severe harassment and intimidation of the government’s political opponents and the media.

source: Berita Daily

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