Tun Razak was a frugal prime minister

..Hanif, who was Razak’s aide-de-camp, told how during a trip to Cairo, Egypt, he had asked someone to bring him to a shop that sold paste, which is used to make replica gems, so that he could get a gift for Raha. “When someone brought him to a real diamond shop, he refused to go in and told the person I can’t buy real diamonds because I am not as rich as you. I want paste, he said and walked out of the house,” said Hanif.
Datin Kalsom Taib, the daughter of a good friend, Tan Sri Taib Andak, described how Razak would tell Raha that she had to pay her own way if she wanted to come with him on official trips.
He was always mindful of spending the public’s money to the point of being frugal,” said Kalsom, in her speech at an event to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Razak’s death. Kalsom also told of how Razak refused to replace the curtains in the official residence as he was careful about how he used public funds.
“When Raha wanted to follow on an official visit to Kelantan he said you have to go on your own and hire your own car. Same as when they had to go to Myanmar. “He said Raha had to take leave and pay her own way if she wanted to come,” said Kalsom, whose father, Taib, was one of Razak’s closest friends.

source: The Malaysian Insider

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