More for PM’s office in Budget 2016, less for key sectors

1. the higher education ministry faces a budget cut of RM2.4 billion, with resources to all public universities reduced by RM1.4 billion, despite a projected increase in enrolment in most of the institutions.

2. Under the human resources ministry, the budget for the Skill Development Fund Corporation, which provides skills training loans, was reduced by more than 67% from RM15.3 million to RM5 million, …despite the number of applicants expected to increase from around 7,400 in 2015 to 8,300 in 2016… Under the same ministry, the budget for an important component to enforce labour law, deal with workers’ complaints, establish harmonious industrial relation and to assist in job search was slashed about 24% for the operation in Peninsular Malaysia, … Overall for the whole country, the allocation for this component was reduced by RM14 million or 14%

3. under the international trade and industry ministry, key industrial and trade support agencies such as Mida, MPC, Matrade, and SME Corp all received a cut in supply totaling RM104.8 million, with Matrade having their budget cut by nearly 44%. “Matrade’s role includes promoting and supporting Malaysia’s export sector,”

4. the youth and sports ministry, the development budgets for youth development and youth economic development were slashed by 28% and 24%, respectively

5. the women, family and community development ministry, women’s health was totally set aside with a 100% cut in resources for HPV vaccination and mammogram programme, something which had already been cut by 90% last year.

..these key sectors faced budget cuts, the PMO saw billions of ringgit being allocated to “pork barrel” funds to be distributed at the sole discretion of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. “Budget 2016 only demonstrates the prime minister’s continuing apathy towards the sufferings of ordinary Malaysians and the future of our country. He gave himself a bigger share while he cuts our lifeline. This is absolutely atrocious.


source: Malaysian Insider

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