Hope #23: Leader and wife who do not waste the country’s wealth and abuse their power

Perlis mufti Datuk Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin has warned the country’s leaders of the behaviour and the “trickery” of their wives if they did not want to be scorned by the people, as this could lead to the destruction of their political careers.

The reminder from the mufti was uploaded on his Facebook page on Friday under the title “Wanita dan pengaruhnya terhadap lelaki” (Women and their influence on men).

However, it was not clear to whom it was directed although Asri had used the term “first lady” and had mentioned several names of wives of world leaders.

“In certain countries, the behaviour of a woman carrying the title of ‘first lady’ can destroy the careers and political future of a world leader.

“So it was not surprising when Elena Ceausescu, the wife of Romania’s former president Nicolae Ceausescu, was sentenced to death along with her husband because they had wasted away the country’s wealth and had abused their power.

“If the husband does not take on the role as a righteous guide and control for their wives, then anything can happen because of the woman’s skills in planning,” he had written.

Asri said the wife of a leader should also guard her behaviour as this could impact her husband’s image.

“A good wife will also make her husband look good.”

source: Malaysian Insider

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