Harapan #21: Pemimpin yang tidak hidup mewah

The article in Tempo, titled “Hidup Mewah Sang Perdana Menteri” (the luxurious life of the prime minister), discussed at length the couple’s reported purchases, including Rosmah’s range of expensive Birkin handbags and jewellery, Malaysiakini reported.

Tempo also featured the Malaysian Crime Watch Task Force’s (MyWatch) recent photographs of what it claimed to be the couple’s luxury watches.

MyWatch had alleged that the price of each of Rosmah’s watches ranged from RM79,200 for the Hublot BlackBerry Black Magic 114, to RM486,000 for the Richard Mille Lady  RM 007 Diamond Cruncher.

Tempo drew comparisons between the watches and Najib’s salary of about RM350,000 per year.

“Najib and his family’s lifestyle has courted the anger of Malaysians,” said the article.

It brought up Rosmah’s heavily-maligned remarks on her RM1,200 hairstyle, which had led criticisms to accuse her of being out of touch with ordinary citizens struggling to make ends meet.

Tempo also narrowed in on Najib’s stepson, Riza Aziz, who bought an apartment in New York worth RM110 million in 2012 and a house in Beverly Hills, California, worth US$17.5 million (RM64 million) in cash, as reported by the New York Times.

Rosmah and Najib’s luxurious ways have been highlighted in both local and international news in recent months,

source: Malaysian Insider

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