Harapan: Pahlawan yang berani

Social media users are abuzz on Twitter questioning if the prime minister has something to hide following his no-show at the highly anticipated 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) dialogue session with several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) this morning.

Some Twitter users mocked Datuk Seri Najib Razak for declaring to supporters in Sarawak yesterday that he had the spirit of a warrior and will stay on the job.

One user with the handle @sinach_z said: “I think this is the last time people will call themselves ‘darah Pahlawan’. Thanks to that one guy. #Nothing2Hide.”

Another user V2 with the handle @KhldFrdaus tweeted: “#Nothing2Hide is a big joke. Just yesterday he claimed to have “warrior blood”. Already running off today.”

Twitter user Izzatur Farhana going by the handle @Yana_ghazali posted:
“Where’s your “pahlawan” ds najib that you told yesterday boss #Nothing2Hide #nothingface”

In Kuching yesterday, the prime minister said he had a “warrior spirit” and would work harder, promising to solve all problems facing the country, including 1MDB’s debts of RM42 billion.

Twitter user A.Hariz using the handle @HarizRaman asked why the prime minister did not show up, with his post: “Our current Prime Minister ain’t brave enough to attend the dialogue session. Obviously he hides everything. #Nothing2Hide.”

Another user with the handle @chuayeeling posted: “From #Nothing2Hide to #Something2Hide. @NajibRazak where are you?”

Diyana Shahrom @devuschka had this to say: “You really know how to make us rakyat feel CHEESED OFF. #Nothing2Hide konon.”

Others sarcastically related to Najib’s no-show to other recent incidents, like when debt-ridden 1MDB president Arul Kanda Kandasamy said he did not attend an inquiry meeting with the Public Accounts Committee because he only received the notification from Finance Ministry later.

Too Heng Hun using the handle @henghun tweeted:” I know I know…PM received invitation too late. Arul said don’t use my excuse la #Nothing2Hide”

source; The Malaysian Insider

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