Hope # 5: Sincere and moderate leaders

Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem said the Chinese must no longer be regarded as pendatang (immigrants) and urged the people to continue upholding the spirit of moderation.

In his Chinese New Year address, Adenan said that while the forefathers of the state’s Chinese community who came from China could be regarded as immigrants, the current generation should no longer be considered as such.

Urging the people in Sarawak to continue to mingle and interact between the races, Adenan said: “Let us also continue to uphold the spirit of moderation in our ties with one another.

“To the non-Chinese, please do visit Chinese New Year open houses in our joint effort to strengthen unity among all.”

He said Sarawak belonged to Sarawakians and that mutual respect and the value of human dignity must continue to be the basis of the relationship between people in the state.

“We cannot have divide and rule tactics… Sarawak is for everybody and Sarawak is big enough for everybody.”

The Chief Minister who will mark his first year in office at the end of the month said he agreed with those who have called on the Government to recognise the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), the examination standard used by Chinese independent secondary schools.

“I have written to the Deputy Prime Minister, who is also the Education Minister, to seek ways on how the UEC could be given due recognition by the Government.”

source: The Star

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