Stop extremists tarnishing image of the Malay race

..Umno is not a representation of all the Malays in Malaysia. The fact that they lost Shah Alam in the last two general elections is solid proof of it. Mind you, we have a more than 90% Malay population in this parliamentary district.

Isma’s president, contrary to his wife’s belief, is not representative of all Malays.

I believe the Malays have to now take a stand against all these views, and voice it out as ardently as possible; that we are no longer represented by extremists.

Now is the time for the Malays to take a stand and tell those in charge to either stop it or face the consequences of misrepresenting us to the entire world.

It is time to take legal action against extremists, to gag them from making unwarranted statements that tarnish the image of the Malay race.

If not, then the greatest insult to the Malays would be the insult we do to ourselves by letting the voice of the loud few destroy whatever pride we have left in ourselves as a people, as a community and as a majority in this country.

source: The Star Opinion

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