Home Minister backs police’s decision to ignore Seremban child abduction

Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi defended today the police’s decision to ignore the alleged abduction of a boy by his Muslim convert father in Seremban, saying it was the Home Ministry’s “official stand” not to intervene.

source: The Malay Mail


Two former law ministers have criticised the police for not taking action over a Hindu mother’s allegation that her Muslim ex-husband had abducted her son.
Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, now Tourism and Culture Minister, said the issue was a clear-cut case of kidnapping.
“This is abduction. It should never have happened. Let’s not lose sight of context,” he told The Star.
“This isn’t a question of Izwan Abdullah being right under syariah law.
“It is a civil law marriage, it is the civil court, we must respect the civil court’s ruling. They have the jurisdiction.
“The High Court judge’s ruling was correct. The police shouldn’t allow him to get away with kidnapping the child,” he added.
He was law minister in 2009 when the Cabinet decided that children be raised in the “common religion at the time of marriage” should one of their parents convert.

source: The Rakyat Post

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