UMNO minister slammed for advocating political apartheid

Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim has come under fire for suggesting Malaysia should vote along racial lines.

The minister in charge of the election commission disputed in Parliament that the concept of “one man, one vote”, is problematic for the country due to its multiracial composition.

..Shahidan proposed that 100 seats for instance, 67 seats must go to Bumiputeras, 23 to Chinese and 7 to Indians, which is similar to the country’s racial make-up.

He later told reporters that Chinese, Malays and Indians should vote for candidates of their own race calling it “One Vote, One Person, Based on Race”.

…”Electoral apartheid means that black voters were put on black electoral rolls to vote in black representatives, similarly for coloured voters, while white voters were put on the common roll to vote in white candidates,” he said, adding that apartheid was widely condemned by the international community including Malaysia and it has since been abolished in South Africa.

.. it is an unconstitutional and undemocratic system. The federal constitution does not ask for the people to vote for representative of their own race.”image

“If he doesn’t understand the concept of one man one vote, he is not fit to be a minister.”

..Shahidan has made a mockery of the PM’s vision of 1Malaysia and the efforts by National Unity Consultative Council to bond all ethnics after the 13th general election.

..Shahidan has lost public confidence for being in charge of the delineation exercises of constituency by the election commission.

source: The Edge

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