Finance Ministry procured MYR50 million of cutting extinguishers that nobody requested for

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) wants the Finance Ministry to explain the procurement of cutting extinguishers worth about RM50mil, which the Fire and Rescue Department said it did not request for.

PAC chairman Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said there were questions on the purchase of the 116 units of the CCS Cobra E 300 cutting extinguishers.

He said the purchase of the equipment – used to cut through solid material, such as during the Highland Towers tragedy in 1993 – was done through direct negotiation.

“But in Malaysia, incidences of earthquakes and building collapse are quite rare, so this equipment is considered non-essential,” he said, adding that some of the equipment was spoilt and had not been repaired.

Nur Jazlan requested the Finance Ministry official to explain “as soon as possible” why the purchase was ordered and whether the company given the contract was properly evaluated.

The department said it did not need the equipment but was ordered by the Finance Ministry to purchase the equipment.

“So, we are questioning why the purchase was approved even though the department did not requested for it.

“The department also informed us it was not utilising the tools to the fullest potential so we feel the purchase was a waste,” he said.

source: The Star


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