Barisan Nasional government’s requests for additional budget ..again

..Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan tabled a Supplementary Supply Bill to request funds from the Consolidated Fund on July 9 … This follows an earlier request in mid-2012 for RM13.79 billion under the Supplemental Supply Bill 2012.Should the sum of RM12.7 billion be approved, the government would have received a total of RM25.96 billion in additional expenditure, equivalent to 11.15% of Budget 2012 of RM232.8 billion, which was approved the previous year…. This is not the first time the government has made such a request and it is unlikely to be the last, leading many to question the government’s seemingly overdependence on the consolidated fund and whether it is serious about reining in the budget deficit.The government has sought more funds every year since parliament passed the Supplemental Supply Bill 2009 for a RM60 billion stimulus package. This raises the question of whether this is a sign of fiscal mismanagement or a lack of discipline.For Budget 2010, the government required RM13.28 billion in additional expenditure, or 6.94% of the allocated RM191.5 billion, not including the second phase of the RM60 billion stimulus package announced in 2009. ..the additional supplementary expenditure, this could result in a slightly higher deficit of between 4% and 4.2%,”…

source: The Edge


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