A vote for BN is a vote to…

A vote for BN is a vote to:

Maintain a throughly corrupt regime to plunder the country’s wealth.
Allow Umno to continue to exploit and manipulate mercilessly the poor Malays using religion and political propaganda.
Encourage government that lies, cheats and deceives.
Promote Ketuanan Melayu, Malay hegemony and Malay superiority.
Allow Islamo-fascists to determine the fate of the country.
Allow BN to further destroy the Constitution which has been shredded by more than 60 amendments.
Allow Umno-dominated BN to continue their discriminatory policies.
Allow BN to continue the disastrous predator capitalism and kleptocracy.
Allow through the BN-owned print media and the government-controlled RTM to constantly demonise the Chinese, Indians and Christians.
Allow BN to continue with nepotism and cronyism, which have sucked the country dry financially.
Allow BN to continue its gutter politics and dirty tricks.
Allow BN to benefit from a unfair and unfree electoral system.
Allow BN to continue to frighten the rakyat about another May 13 should BN lose.
Allow BN to continue to use thugs, gangsters, Mat Rempit to intimidate the rakyat.
Allow pro-Barisan-inclined AG, Chairman of EC and ROS to continue their boot-licking policies.
Allow BN to rule by law and not through rule of law.
Allow BN to destroy a participatory democracy by disallowing local council elections.
Allow BN to destroy national unity through very destructive ethnic politics and divide-and-rule policies.
Allow Umnoputras and their cronies to continue to abuse the NEP to enrich themselves and amass great wealth and launder it overseas.
Allow flight of talent which has impoverished our talent pool.
Allow BN to destroy the once independent institutions – the civil service, the Police, the EC, the ROS and the Judiciary – and turn them into its tools.
Allow Umno to continue to play havoc with the Malay mind through Umno-brand Islamic religious propaganda and political indoctrination and brainwashing.
Allow hundreds of scandals similar to the Sharizat-NFC scandals to continue as they have done for the last 50 years or so.
Allow Umno hypocrisy regarding the use of English to go on. They have blocked the teaching of Maths and Science in English. Many of the children of ministers and Umnoputras are studying overseas!
Bless racists like Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Noordin, who shouldn’t be in Parliament.
Allow Malaysia to become a police state.
Allow the religious establishment unbridled power to spy on citizens, check on our private lives and violate our basic freedoms.
Destroy People Power (Makkal Sakti).
Allow BN to continue to destroy our education system.
Allow the known ‘devil’ to destroy our beloved country further.

source: http://aliran.com/13290.html

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