May 13 – a conspiracy for power ?

Forgetting May 13

Like our daughters and sons we will all be better off forgetting May 13 and cutting it out of our memory – forgiving, forgetting and reuniting. But with one caveat, history needs to be retold more accurately.

One 17-year-old in 1969 lived not more than three miles from the heart of the riots and the carnage on May 13.

He heard and remembered well the stories that were told and where the riots started from – and why. He remembers the climate of fear and intimidation.

Then as now, I remain convinced that May 13 was a conspiracy by those in power to stay in power, regain it and keep it by any means possible.

That Malaysians were not united enough to prevent the politicians from doing this to us – dividing us to their advantage – was the ultimate tragedy.

So what’s my theory, you ask.Well, it’s this: We older ones may not realise it, but there’s a new generation of Malaysians out there who don’t know May 13; and if you ask me that’s fantastic for the country.

They are more Malaysian than us, the old. errr, … older ones and won’t be as easily split.

That’s why increasing numbers of them speak with one voice.

That’s why there was March 8, 2008. That’s why race-based politics will fade and die. Anyone who ignores them – opposition or government – does so at his own peril.


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