Does Najib have the courage and conscience to do the right thing ?

Najib must do the right thing | My Sinchew

To gauge a person is not just to see what he normally says or does, but what he says or does during the critical moment.

This applies very aptly to our prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Abraham Lincoln was widely accepted as one of the greatest presidents of the United States. He was judged not by how many miles of railways or how many universities he built during his office, or how efficient his administration was.

The world only remembers that during the most crucial moment, Lincoln made the right decision to emancipate the slaves, allowing them to enjoy human rights and self-respect they were entitled to.

Even in the face of a civil war, economic collapse and threats on his own life, Lincoln never backed off.

He chose to do the right thing, even though this thing did not offer any direct benefit to his administration or himself, but would instead inflict damages.

Such a spirit of doing the right thing has lit up America, and become a paragon for humanity.

The situation in Perak has today developed into never-ending court cases.

The court might make a verdict today, but some party might appeal tomorrow, and the other party is most certain to appeal again.

Even if this lawsuit would eventually come to a close, there are still many more cases awaiting verdicts. From the high court to the appeals court and on to the federal court…

While the courts can handle legal issues, they are not the most ideal avenue to settle political problems.

What happens in Perak is squarely a political issue, not a legal one.
“It has now come to a crucial moment when problems must be resolved.”

A political issue must somehow be dealt with the political way.

If this incident is allowed to drag on, it is simply impossible to produce an effective state government that will map out sound policies to benefit the people of Perak.

Perakians have been rendered the forsaken children, helplessly seeing the political tussles take control of their destiny.

Malaysians in general are also confounded and blindfolded by the tussles. They fail to discern between the black and the white, and the future outlook is obsured.

It has now come to a crucial moment when problems must be resolved.

We are now waiting for relevant individuals to do the right thing to restore the waning public confidence as well as the worth of righteousness.

Most Malaysians, BN supporters or Pakatan sympathisers, believe that fresh elections should be held, and Perakians be allowed to decide whichever government they desire.

Since taking over as the prime minister, Najib has proposed his reform agendas as well as a grand vision of One Malaysia.

He should start with Perak, respect the will of the people in the state as well as the expectations from the entire nation.

Once Najib has agreed to hold fresh elections, the Perak Sultan will definitely cooperate by dissolving the state assembly. BN and Pakatan should then compete fairly on an equitable platform.

Perhaps, if Najib eventually does the right thing, BN’s reputation will be lifted and the party will gain broader recognition among the people. This will help in the party’s election performances as well as the integrity of the party and the prime minister himself.

On the contrary, if BN forces its way in installing a lameduck state government through the next general election, the consequences will have to be very horrific. (By TAY TIAN YAN/Translated by DOMINIC LOH/Sin Chew Daily)


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  1. […] Does Najib have the courage and conscience to do the right thing ? […]

  2. […] Does Najib have the courage and conscience to do the right thing ? […]

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