Hishammuddin’s release of HINDRAF leaders came with conditions

DAP questions Hisham’s Hindraf contradictions

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein has been accused by DAP leaders of blowing hot and cold regarding the recent ISA releases last weekend.

Newly released Kota Alam Shah assemblyman M. Manoharan says the conditions placed on him by Hishamuddin’s ministry are “absurd and will not benefit the people at all.

On the one hand, they release me and he (Hishamuddin) said yesterday that I am no longer a threat to national security. Yet just before I was released, I was informed of the six conditions which would restrict my movements and make it almost impossible to do my duties as an elected representative.

Hishamuddin had also said that the outlawed Hindraf’s status could be reviewed if the organisation made an appeal to the Home Ministry, but DAP Parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang questioned the logic of such an appeal.

The Home Ministry never gave Hindraf “show cause” or the right to be heard before slapping a ban on it,” Lim stated, adding that if the Ministry now holds that the Hindraf leaders are no more a “threat to the country”, then the same judgment must apply to Hindraf as well.

He pledged the DAP’s full support for Manoharan and the other Hindraf detainees and will assist Manoharan in filing a civil suit against the conditions next week.

Lim added, “How is it safe for him to be in Klang but not in Petaling Jaya?” referring to the stipulation that Manoharan remain in the Klang area at all times unless he has obtained permission from the police to leave.

The two cousins, the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Hishamuddin should realise they are nullifying all positive benefits to the government with the release of the five Hindraf leaders with such unacceptable conditions,” said the veteran Ipoh Timur MP. He has faxed Hishamuddin asking for a meeting to discuss the matter and also to discuss lifting the ban on Hindraf.

Lim noted that it was “tragic that Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu and MIC – like their counterparts in MCA and Gerakan – dare not ask for the revocation of the restrictive ISA conditions imposed on Manoharan and the four other Hindraf leaders.

“My headquarters as a DAP assemlyman is in Petaling Jaya, my current residence is in Puchong, my parents live in Banting, court is in KL, the state assembly is in Shah Alam and my constituents are in Klang,” explained Manoharan, adding that the police had not contacted him for violating the restrictions yesterday or today.

“Perhaps they know it is unfair?” he asked.

On Hindraf leader P. Waythamoorthy’s possible return from self-exile in London, Manoharan added, “I don’t know when he is coming back but we’ll certainly be there to welcome him home.”

He dismissed the possibility of the outspoken Indian rights leader being arrested upon his return to Malaysia, saying, “Why should they since they have already punished us.”

“We are not a threat, we are solicitors and our struggle was and still is a peaceful one. I am an elected representative for Selangor and should be given the freedom to do my duties throughout Malaysia, but especially in Selangor.”


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3 comments on “Hishammuddin’s release of HINDRAF leaders came with conditions
  1. […] Hishammuddin’s release of HINDRAF leaders came with conditions […]

  2. […] Hishammuddin’s release of HINDRAF leaders came with conditions […]

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