Biro Tatanegara indoctrinating civil servants against minority Malaysians

Anwar trains his sights on 1 Malaysia

Opposition icon Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has ripped into the Najib administration’s 1 Malaysia concept, calling it cosmetic and nothing more than a bald-faced political move to try and win back support from non-Malays.

Other opposition politicians have questioned what 1 Malaysia really means but Anwar gutted the whole concept, pointing out that Najib’s comments about unity and togetherness are only for public consumption.

Behind the scenes, the Biro Tatanegara (BTN) is still continuing their indoctrination programmes for Malay civil servants and politicians, telling Malays to be wary of Chinese and Indians.

Anwar’s attack on the 1 Malaysia concept also betrays a growing uneasiness among the opposition on Barisan Nasional’s charm offensive to regain the support of non-Malay voters, the segment of voters who since Election 2008 have become a reliable vote bank for Pakatan Rakyat.

The support among Chinese and Indians for the opposition has grown steadily since March 8 last year as a result of frustration over excesses of Umno, abuses under the New Economic Policy and lack of respect for the rights of non-Malays.

Faced with the real possibility of losing more ground with this important constituency and sensing that the fracture of race relations was reaching a dangerous stage, Najib’s team cobbled together the 1 Malaysia platform.

It has yet to be fleshed out but the concept promotes the idea that all Malaysians should feel as one and that no one will be left behind, regardless of race and religion.

The new administration has also liberalised the financial services sector and attempted to solve the thorny issues of conversion of children to Islam when marriages breakdown.

Nothing has been said about dismantling the NEP or spelling out how equality can be achieved among Malaysians with the main architecture of affirmative action is still in place and the Malay-centric civil service calling the shots at implementation stage.

In his latest blog posting, Anwar noted that Umno called Pakatan Rakyat the tool of the Chinese and also hammered the DAP as a chauvinist party for its Malaysian Malaysia concept.

“Now finding that the support of Chinese and Indians to Umno-BN is dropping drastically, we hear the slogan 1 Malaysia being used.

“If we delve more deeply into this concept, we find that what is practised is only cosmetic or botox. The liberalisation is only to win over rich Chinese entrepreneurs but will have no impact on the projects and contracts of their cronies,” he said, adding that more pressing issues of leakages, transparency and corruption were not addressed under the 1 Malaysia slogan.

In contrast, he noted the Malaysian Economic Agenda promoted by Pakatan Rakyat focused on what was good for the common man, especially the underprivileged Malay-Bumiputeras, Chinese and Indians.

Anwar wondered how it was possible to talk about 1 Malaysia when the reality on the ground was so different. He zoomed in on the courses run by BTN, a unit in the Prime Minister’s Department.

In the mainstream media the talk is about unity under 1 Malaysia but in the BTN courses they push narrow Malay interests and slam politicians like Anwar and PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat for working with other races, Anwar said.

He wondered why BTN blamed other races and not the big criminals and corrupt individuals who have caused Malays to face hardship after 50 years of Umno rule.


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3 comments on “Biro Tatanegara indoctrinating civil servants against minority Malaysians
  1. AYAH says:

    Why don’t you ask Anwar or tell your readers what Anwar was doing when he had control of Biro Tatanegara? How were students leaving for the UK on government scholarships indoctrinated by BTN in the late 80s and in the 90s? Why were BTN personnel then telling the students that Anwar was the ‘saviour of the Malays”? How did an ABIM activist get to become head honcho of BTN?

    Anwar apparently knows what BTN is doing because he was the one who started it all in his endeavour to become prime minister. Let’s all be honest about this ya.


  2. […] Biro Tatanegara indoctrinating civil servants against minority Malaysians […]

  3. […] Biro Tatanegara indoctrinating civil servants against minority Malaysians […]

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