Pasir Mas MP Ibrahim Ali says Malays need not co-operate with others in Malaysia, Malaysia for Malays

The Nut Graph | Bangkitlah orang Melayu

…Pasir Mas parliamentarian Datuk Ibrahim Ali as saying that the total number of seats in Parliament occupied by Malay Malaysians was enough to form government. Therefore, the government should fulfil all the wishes of Malay Malaysians because they were the majority, and not keep on co-operating with non-Malay Malaysians.

Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim went on to urge Umno to return to a hardline position. “Malay parties are strong when Malay [Malaysians] are taken care of. So Umno has to focus on Malay [Malaysians]. Umno doesn’t need to fear because I see that when Umno is strong, non-Malay [Malaysians] will automatically support the Barisan Nasional (BN), as before,” he said.

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One comment on “Pasir Mas MP Ibrahim Ali says Malays need not co-operate with others in Malaysia, Malaysia for Malays
  1. javadog says:

    Unfortunately, the big bulk of the Malay community gotten influence by Ibrahim Ali, who’s mental is totally twisted and blood full of hatred, anger, and jealousy. This is an undeniable fact that this country is heading towards more extreme as a result of constantly brain-wash by Umno. Public newspaper, such as Utusan Malaysia, has constantly publishing story which content racial motivated ingredient. …, I guess this is one of the trick for the Umno to gain vote and support. However, little do they realize this kind policy will not bring any benefit to them for long term. I am sure the clever umno policy maker understand however it is difficult to pull back now given that the majority of malay thinking is like that. …. Spoon feeding will retard a person mind and personality. Ibrahim Ali is a clear example on this. I hope the majority reader of this forum has the ability to discern what is right and wrong, and for the sake of country development as proposed by our PM on 1Malaysia concept.

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