MACC – old wine in a new bottle ?


If the alienation of land (at a fraction of market prices) meant for low-cost housing to the wife of former Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Mat Deros is not abuse of power, what is?

What about a minister travelling the world over with a personal trainer in tow? What about inflated contracts being given out without following procedures? What about the police harassing this writer for exposing the wrongdoings of the wives of VIPs? What about the rombongan who got a state-owned company to pay for their trips to enjoy their second childhood – getting acquainted with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck?

No, Tan Sri, the list is endless. What more evidence is needed then the Selangor State Assembly being told of the shenanigans of its state-owned company which doled out money and money’s worth to selected people? Surely, the answers to questions raised did not come from thin air.

The vouchers, the invoices, the receipts, the cheque butts and other relevant documents, fortunately were not shredded in the aftermath of the tsunami of March 8. They survived, thanks to inefficient mopping-up
operations. No evidence?

This message is worth repeating. The MACC’s credibility has been undermined by a series of bloopers. Like Navaratnam’s predecessor at TI-M, Tunku Abdul Aziz said, it’s old wine in a new bottle. But all is not lost. The MACC cannot turn the clock back and start afresh. But it can act so as to change public perception. To do that, it must be seen to be independent, acting without fear or favour. It must project itself as having no links to anyone including the prime minister and his deputy or any other VVIPs. In all fairness to Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said, she is innocent and she is right in saying that, as she has not been asked to give a statement to the MACC.

But her highly-publicised private visit to the PM’s residence accompanied by her father has set tongues wagging. For all we know, she is innocent, but people who saw pictures of her on the doorsteps of Sri Perdana will draw their own conclusions. The PM has repeatedly stated that he will not interfere with MACC’s operations and Azalina’s private visit may have nothing to do with the arrest of her aide who was in possession of RM70,000. But public perception is different. Many say that she went there to seek his help with “her problems”. I don’t believe the PM will stop the MACC from doing its job. “The law must be allowed to take its course,” he was quoted as


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