Umno Youth gangsterism at Parliament is disgusting and an insult to Parliamanet but Barisan Whip (Najib) very very quiet

MCA: Such intimidation destroys our country’s image

The MCA has hit out at the Umno Youth members who confronted Bukit Gelugor MP and DAP chairman Karpal Singh in Parliament, calling such behaviour unacceptable. 

The party’s information and communication bureau chairman Lee Wei Kiat said such physical intimidation “destroys our country’s image in the international stage”, and called for respect to be shown to Parliament.

Any kind of behaviour or mob rule which forcibly prevents the MPs from entering Parliament not only offends the rakyat but is also an affront against the country’s democratic system, rule of law and also to voters,” he said in a statement.

He called for conflicts and differences in opinions to be debated through a peaceful, democractic and rational platform.

“It is unfortunate that Umno Youth members chose to be irrational and rowdy in voicing out their views in Parliament. Hence their action is tantamount to insulting Parliament,” he said.

On Thursday, the wheelchair-bound Karpal Singh was prevented by a group of Umno Youth members from entering Parliament who demanded an apology from him for calling them celaka.

Penang Chief Minister and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng also condemned the Umno Youth members who confronted Karpal Singh, saying the incident was “embarrassing and disgusting.

He said Umno had tarnished Malaysia’s image and called for stern action to be taken against the group.

Lim, who is also Bagan MP, said he appreciated that Backbenchers Club chairman Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing had apologised over the incident, but felt it was only right that Umno should do so too.

On Karpal Singh’s use of the word celaka in reference to Umno Youth during his debate speech on Wednesday and his allegation that Umno was responsible for the two bullets he had received in the mail, Lim said the statement was made in the House and it was up to the Speaker to take any action.


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4 comments on “Umno Youth gangsterism at Parliament is disgusting and an insult to Parliamanet but Barisan Whip (Najib) very very quiet
  1. […] Umno Youth Gangsterism At Parliament Is Disgusting And An Insult To Parliamanet […]

  2. […] Umno Youth Gangsterism At Parliament Is Disgusting And An Insult To Parliamanet […]

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