PAS councillor from Sepang, no better than Khir Toyo


..Towards the tail end, a PAS councillor from Sepang posed questions. Since it was a state government function, he asked, shouldn’t I be speaking in Bahasa Malaysia? …
Then, the Sepang councillor noted that all the speakers were from satu kaum. Like other speakers, we were there not because of the colour of our skin, but because we wanted to share our knowledge and expertise with councillors, which will then help them make educated decisions in the course of carrying out their responsibilities.

At the outset, let me declare that I was outspoken – I criticised exco member in Selangor in charge of local government, Ronnie Liu; I had suggested that councils be run as companies listed on the First Board, noting their turnover and even went as far as to suggest the pen-pushing civil servants who act as heads be replaced by people from the corporate sector.

The councillor also said that I was critical of people from satu kaum or words to that effect, by which time I had lost it! I replied him in Bahasa Malaysia and when addressing his second question, I lost it and make no apologies for it. I choked as I tried to explain that after 51 years of independence, we still look at race and religion. I covered my face to hide the tears… …He was no different from former Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohd Khir Toyo, who last year remarked that I only write about “Umno people occupying playgrounds” and not “Indian people building temples on state land”.

Much later, many rang to apologise for one man’s conduct. No apologies needed, I said. I feel sorry for the majority in this country especially the people of Sepang, who indirectly, are “governed” by people of such outlook and state of mind. I am no politician and have no such ambitions, but after yesterday, I would not dismiss attempts to introduce Hudud laws as pure rhetoric. It’s for real, especially when having lawmakers like him.


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