18 lessons for the clueless Najib and Umno

The Scribe A Kadir Jasin: Pengundi Masih Marah Kepada BN

1. Umno and BN are not getting stronger, not yet;

2. The voters are yet to be fully convinced that they have changed;

3. Wan Ahmad Farid being the PM’s political secretary and is linked to Khairy Jamaluddin and 4th Floor was the wrong choice as a candidate;

4. Umno must be brave enough to acknowledge that Abdullah, Khairy, the 4th Floor Boys and some segments of the mainstream media are a liability during the by-election;

5. Mohd Najib is yet to sharpen his skills and be totally accepted as the anointed successor to Abdullah. He has own baggage that he needs to unload;

6. To make thing worse for Umno and the BN, Pas had successfully put up a much better candidate;

7. Umno and the BN have not changed their campaign tactics and styles. It’s still the carpet bombing method;

8. The people are put off by the huge police presence and the presence of so many unfamiliar outside campaigners who are unfamiliar with KT;

9. The voters were put off by candidates of the Umno election this March using KT to “canvass” for votes or merely to show their faces to the party bosses;

10. Mixing local, national and international issues (Gaza) confused the voters;

11. Attempt to exploit the Hudud Law to pin down Pas and to stir up squabbles among PR parties backfired or had not affected the oppositions much;

12. The voters are getting more mature. They are not as easily spooked, intimidated and bribed;

13. They know now that the development money is their own money and are, therefore, entitled to it;

14. Mohd Najib, by not accepting defeat with humility, suggests the general arrogance of Umno and BN leaders and their inability to accept the fact that Umno and BN are no longer supreme;

15. Change or Umno and the BN will suffer further humiliation in the coming months and years, starting with the Sarawak state election;

16. For Umno, starts by firing those non-performing staff at its headquarters, remove those state liaison chiefs whose states fell to the opposition parties in the last general elections and not elect them to the Supreme Council in the March party election;

17. Come down from the high chairs. Stop from being treated like Kings, Lords and Masters. Sit on the plastic chairs with the rakyat and the voters. You are Wakil Rakyat. You are elected by them. You are not their Lords and Masters. They are, in fact, your Masters; and

18. They elected you. They never elected your spouses, your children, your sons- and daughters-in-law, your kins and clansmen.

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