Khir Toyo must be held accountable for Zakaria scandal


Now that Mohamad Khir has issued the challenge, here are a few questions for him:

How and why did he as the head of the government, alienate a piece of land (meant for low-cost housing) to Zakaria’s wife at such a low premium? If that piece of land was to be alienated, shouldn’t every citizen be entitled to land at such discounted prices? Was she one of those hard-core poor who are entitled to land or was it a case of “whom you know and whom you ask”?

Why was the full force of the law not used against Zakaria for failing to submit plans before construction began? There have been instances when others were charged in court. He got away with only a compound fine. (Does this mean he did not break the law?)

Why was no action taken against Zakaria by sealing and auctioning his property for failing to pay assessments for 12 years? He just paid a penalty on top of the outstanding balance. In many cases, failing to pay for a year sends enforcement officers scurrying with their paraphernalia to seal the premises. (If no law was broken, why pay a penalty?)

Why was no action taken against him first for building an illegal restaurant on state land, and secondly, getting the council to demolish the stall belonging to his competitor?

Why was no action taken against the president and officials of the Klang Municipal Council for dereliction of duty for not taking action against all the offences committed by Zakaria?

These days Mohamad Khir can sit in his air-conditioned office and throw stones, but when you live in a glass house, it is dangerous. The backlash can be disastrous. The simple answer to your challenge is: All these happened under your watch. You practised double standards to protect your political cronies; you refused to allow the law to take its course and to put it bluntly, you tutup dua mata to all the rape, plunder and pillage that was going on, while at the same time having the gall to say that “semuanya OK!”

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2 comments on “Khir Toyo must be held accountable for Zakaria scandal
  1. mantra says:


    were u the one who used to comment in my blog?

    anyway, zakaria’s mansion happened during Khir’s government… why is he shouting now?

  2. Amin says:

    Its nothing in what you can see compared to the discreet looting of millions upon millions of tax-payers’ monies.

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