Barisan Nasional goes ahead with gas pipeline project in Sabah that does not benefit Sabahans, local politicians protest

Upko unhappy with Govt’s gas pipeline project in Sabah

A Sabah Barisan Nasional component party is unhappy with the Federal Government’s decision to give Petronas the go-ahead to build a gas pipeline.

United Pasok Momogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) says the majority of Sabahans are dispirited too.

The party’s president, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, said he would raise the issue with the Prime Minister at the Cabinet meeting on Friday.

I don’t see how the project will benefit Sabahans except for the landowners.

Sabah is an oil- and gas-producing state but there is no related activity whatsoever; there is no refinery, no university and no petro-chemical or other related industry.

“The industry is good as the state’s economy is over-dependent on oil palm and tourism. We need to be more diverse. Oil and gas is right before us and we should capitalise on it,” the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department told reporters after launching the Education Services Commission website yesterday.

On Saturday, the Prime Minister confirmed that the Petronas gas pipeline project from Sabah to Sarawak would go ahead, despite an earlier decision to scrap it.

The 500km pipeline from Kimanis to Bintulu, worth RM1.5bil, is expected to be operational in 2011. Once onstream, the gas from Bintulu would be mainly exported to Korea and Japan.

Asked if he was getting support from the Sabah Government in fighting this issue, Dompok said: “There is no support from the state government. As for my colleagues from other parties in Sabah, they should know what to do.”

Dompok said Sabahans would benefit if the gas was for local consumption, especially to supply local power plants as the “quality and quantity of power in Sabah still left much to be desired”.

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