51 years under Barisan Nasional, racial issues get more pronounced

Stop stoking racial issues and project image of civil society

DESPITE 51 years of Independence we are still nowhere when it comes to race relations. In fact, racial issues are more pronounce now than during the pre-Independence period.

The main culprits are the politicians who will not hesitate to play to the gallery for their own self interest.

As national leaders, they call on the people to unite, to respect one another and to create a Bangsa Malaysia.

But the moment they stand on their political platform they hurl abuses at one another with very strong racial undertones.

We may have achieved First World status but our politicians’ behaviour and attitudes reflect that of Third World leaders.

Their unruly behaviour in Parliament can put the Apes in Planet of the Apes movie to shame.

Our politicians need to learn some decorum. They need to inculcate good values.

They need to project the image of a civil society. They need to show the world that Malaysia has come of age.

The Malays, Chinese and Indians who walk the street and live in the kampung and small towns have no problem with one another.

Being Malaysians and multi-racial they have nothing but mutual respect for one another.

They could sit down and drink coffee together without any feeling of racial barrier.

What makes their temperature rise are the racial rhetoric from the politicians who see every issues from a racial perspective. And the politicians are given prominence by vernacular press.

The latest issue is on Social Contract. One wonders how many of them have read Jean Jaques Rousseau’s “The Social Contract” to understand the great French philosopher thinking.

Then there is the issue of using English as medium of instruction. The same politicians who are against it send their children to International schools.

There are many other examples that make the ordinary folks begin to wonder whether politicians are the right people to govern the country.

We need politicians like the late Tun Razak, Tun Dr Ismail, Tun Sambanthan, Tun Tan Siew Sin, etc.

We need politicians with a high sense of duty to the King, country and people.

Maybe the respective political parties need to carry out some self appraisal.

What values are they trying to inculcate to the young? What image are they trying to portray? What culture are they trying to create?

I have high respect for Raja Muda Perak Raja Nazrin for his intellect, wisdom and righteousness.

I suggest Raja Nazrin play the role of advisor to politicians so that a truly civil society as envisioned by Rousseau becomes a way of life in Malaysia.


Batu Caves.

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