Barisan Nasional rule retards Malaysians’ growth

If Obama Were Born In Malaysia | My Sinchew

Some of the days are downright depressing.

Turning on the TV any time of the day, and CNN will keep reminding us of the imminent election of black Obama as the US president.

But flipping the local newspapers, there are people protesting that PKNS’ acting GM could never be a Chinese.

I’m really curious. Will those objecting to Low’s appointment as the acting GM also run against the election of Barack Obama as the US president?

When Japan’s Nissan allowed Carlos Ghosn, a Brazilian, to be the automaker’s CEO, was his skin colour, or rather capability, taken into consideration?

When Sony got American Howard Stringer to preside over the electronic giant, no Japanese citizens wrote in to protest.

Many are unaware that the ghost of racism is hovering inside their heads.

I suddenly had this funny idea. If Barack Obama were born in Malaysia, what could have he achieved?

Perhaps he could be a highly successful lawyer, but would never become an exceptional politician.

We see plenty of lawyers, but only a handful outstanding politicians, especially here in Malaysia.

The greatness of a country is established upon its breadth of mind.

In its two centuries of nationhood, America’s greatest success lies in its enormous acceptance and accommodation, rejecting no elements that would propel this country to even greater heights.

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