Tee Keat asks NEP proponents to explain how it failed to benefit Malay masses after 40 years

Tee Keat: Have the Malays ever benefited?

Advocates of the New Economic Policy should spend time addressing the concerns of the Malay masses as many are questioning how the policy has benefited them, MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat said.

He said there were concerns that the NEP advocates should identify, such as the factors which led to the failure, if at all it was true, in achieving the 30% quota of bumiputra equity ownership in public listed companies.

“Much to our dismay and chagrin, they have merely been parroting what they or their predecessors have said in the past three decades,” Ong said in his blog.

He said the advocates should take a closer look at the prevailing hardship of their own brethren at the lower rung of society.

“The pertinent question to be asked now is: Have these people ever benefited from the NEP in the past three decades?

“This question is no longer a hypothetical one purportedly raised by non-Malay elites only. In reality, this has been the common question asked by the Malay masses,” he said.

Ong said the ruling elites might frown upon them but the fact remained that they had every right to scrutinise the effectiveness of the NEP as the policy was put in place for them.

“As such, the NEP advocates, particularly those who labelled themselves as the custodians of their communal rights, should spend more time responding and addressing their own brethren’s doubts,” he said.

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One comment on “Tee Keat asks NEP proponents to explain how it failed to benefit Malay masses after 40 years
  1. mami lau says:

    It is all fair in love,war and politics since time immemorial.It is normal for the key players to fight with one another. As a Christian I dare quote from the Bible that the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ were always highly jealous of each other during their time on earth.
    In Malaysian politics Uncle Lim,Uncle Samy,Uncle Nik,Uncle Anwar and Uncle Koh do also have problems with their internal key players.But they can settle it quickly within a very short period of time.They will immediately continue to work at the grass root levels.It is at these masses where they can cast a strong foundation for everybody.
    When will they ever learn ????

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