PKNS staff should back off

PKNS staff should back off

I READ with great concern the grounds given for oppossing Low Siew Moi’s appointmernt as acting general manager of PKNS.

The objection to her appointment largely on the basis of her ethnicity, perhaps even her gender, augurs badly for ethnic relations and national unity in Malaysia.

The objection by the senior staff of PKNS and reportedly even by one of the coalition partners of the State Government just goes to show that a culture has developed where merit is not valued or recognised in state agencies and appointments are expected to be made on less than relevant considerations such as ethnicity and religion.

I hope Malaysians will realise that we have to put aside these blind prejudices and realise that for Malaysia to succeed and progress as a modern nation we must value and recognise the efforts and contributions of all citizens, regardless of their ethnicity or gender.

It is indeed sad that while we have progressed in economic and material terms, our nation is still bound to old ways of thinking and acting that have no place in a modern, democratic society.

The interference by the senior staff of PKNS runs counter to established management practices and may well be the result of the race-based policies and indoctrination that the nation had been subjected to for the better part of 50 years or so.

Appointments are the prerogative of the head of the agency and in this case, the Mentri Besar, and I hope his decision is respected by all and the PKNS staff will focus on doing their work professionally instead of questioning the prerogative of the state government to appoint the most suitable person for the post.

Kuala Lumpur.

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