Umno is too dominant in Barisan Nasional

‘Umno is too dominant’


“The situation is worsened when the public have the perception that the power sharing within Barisan is actually not effective or fair.

“Umno is seen as a party that is far more dominant than other component parties,” he said.

Ong identified the unresolved issues as:

/> Corruption and misuse of power by politicians and government officers;

/> Arrogance of Barisan politicians who are also deemed to be racist;

/> Security and rising crime rate;

/> The increase in the price of goods and higher cost of living following higher fuel prices;

/> Lack of religious freedom;

/> Unfair treatment by Government department and agencies against non-bumiputra petty traders and businessmen; and

/> Lack of Government support for vernacular schools.

On corruption, Ong said: “Those entrusted to hold this trust seemed to have broken the trust of the people. There is also a very negative perception towards the non-transparent manner in the awarding of government contracts.

“There were also some politicians who became very wealthy not long after holding a party position or being made local councillors.”

On arrogance, the seventh MCA president said the people felt disgusted and angry that a handful of Barisan politicians had been arrogant and made statements or speeches that were racially-motivated.

On religious freedom, Ong said: “The handling of religious issues by the authorities often shows that the freedom of religion is not practised as stated by government leaders including the Prime Minister.

On the unfair treatment of non-bumiputras in terms of dealings with the Government, he said they felt frustrated and constrained and feel they are not being treated fairly in the issuance of licences, permits, loans or tender opportunities.

The authorities seem to enjoy using excuses of government economic policies based on prejudicial interpretation and narrow-minded thinking.”

Ong said the implementation of affirmative economic policies should not sideline any party or persons.

He said the execution of these policies should not limit any trader or investor who was trying to expand his or her own business or investment by his or own effort.

“The time has come when the Government must liberalise all its economic policies to enable Malaysia to be truly competitive,” he said.

On Umno’s dominance, Ong said the situation had to be set right through a process that  truly involved the participation of all component parties.

“Every important decision must be decided together and not be viewed as though Umno alone determines important policies while other parties are then requested to later defend the policies based on the so-called Barisan spirit.

The power-sharing slogan is often spoken of but it is still seen as just lip service,”

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