Najib’s record

Najib earmarks Pekan to become a knowledge corridor

Najib is no Anwar

Najib flees from angry crowd at Permatang Pauh

Najib’s Permatang Pauh campaign was embarassing and ugly

Najib was confident of victory in Permatang Pauh with ‘hard work’

Najib’s much touted E-Tanah system lets many down

Najib staffs Public Service Department with unemployed graduates

Badawi and Najib okay Merc for Terengganu

Najib ducks court appearance in Altantuya case

Najib is a weak leader, does not have his own stand

Umno conservatives stalling reforms

Saiful met with Najib before lodging police report

Private investigator in Altantuya case says Najib knows Altantuya

Najib calls for ‘bridge’ between Asean, Middle East

Najib: There are different principles for Commission and court

Najib ‘not interested’ to explain ‘military torture’

Najib announces ‘bright’ idea to overcome National Service deaths – outsource health check-ups.

Najib says Proton is more confident and can compete locally and overseas

Najib and Muhyiddin shot down Zaid Ibrahim’s proposal to apologize to Salleh and judges

Najib, Defence Minister for some 15 years

Defense Ministry bought MYR 6.75 billion of defective, non-delivered patrol boats

Graft in Malaysia’s Defense Ministry ?

Najib says Indians do not have a bad deal

Najib refuses to review Visa-On-Arrival policy despite abuse of policy

Najib outlines Six Approaches For Farmers To Be Competitive

Najib launches 4M to prepare for election

BN Chief Whip, Najib has no guts, says sexist remark was not supposed to be taken seriously

Najib too stoops to mud-slinging in Ijok by-election

Najib tells civil servants to reframe mind and increase productivity by working longer hours

Najib in trouble?

Najib-led committee issues more APs

Najib outlines 3 main factors for skilled and ‘holistic’ Malaysian

Facts don’t matter ?

Najib denies approving RM490m UK sports center, shifts responsibility to Ministry of Youth and Sports then , Najib approved UK sports center concept only  and Najib insists on UK sports center, finally Brickendonbury High Performance Training Centre – The End

Mandarin demand is discriminatory

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