Doctor who did sodomy check stands by findings

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THE doctor who found himself unintentionally dragged into the sordid case involving opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has stood by his findings, which is at odds with what his bosses have said.

In a statutory declaration posted yesterday on the popular political website Malaysia Today, Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid said he had found no evidence of sodomy after examining the young man who accused Datuk Seri Anwar of the crime.

The one-page report of his examination of Mr Saiful Bukhari Azlan, dated two days after the examination, was also posted online.

Dr Mohamed Osman works at Hospital Pusrawi and carried out a rectal examination of Mr Saiful on June 28, the same day the 23-year-old former Anwar aide lodged a police report against the opposition leader.

In his sworn declaration dated Aug 1, the doctor said he had since left the country with his family because he was ‘disturbed…tremendously’ by three police visits to get statements from him.

His sworn testimony is certain to add to the confusion as well as stoke conspiracy theories surrounding the case against Mr Anwar. Dr Mohamed Osman did not return to his hospital on Monday at the end of his vacation.

The record of his examination was leaked to the public two weeks ago and was cited by Mr Anwar as proof of his innocence. But government officials said the Pusrawi report was just one piece of evidence against the opposition leader.

Senior hospital officials called a news conference last week to say that Dr Mohamed Osman was not qualified to conduct a sodomy check. They said he was a general practitioner who was on duty at the accidents and emergencies wing when Mr Saiful walked in.

The doctor wrote in his sworn declaration: ‘For the record…I would like to confirm that I strongly stand firm on my findings.’

The Myanmar national rebutted hospital officials by writing that he had 30 years of experience and that ‘I have encountered many similar complaints as the said patient’s’.

He said that, together with staff nurse Yazihan, he had used a proctoscope to probe Mr Saiful and found no ‘abnormalities’.

He said the patient had informed him only after the examination that he had been ‘sodomised by a VIP and he wanted to report to the police’.

Dr Mohamed Osman said he had then asked Mr Saiful to go to any government hospital because ‘according to his complaint, it was a criminal case’.

The police came three times to interview him on the case, he added.

His first interview was handwritten by the policeman in Bahasa Malaysia.

He was told to sign every one of the nine to 10 pages of the handwritten report, despite not really knowing what had been written, said Dr Mohamed Osman.

The same officer came a week later with a typed and printed statement in Bahasa Malaysia, which he was again told to sign. He noted that the name of Mr Anwar had been inserted although it had not been brought up at the first meeting.

‘Even though I hesitated, I signed the typed statements as I did not want to have any issues with the police,’ he said.

A week later, a policewoman turned up and asked him to explain the examination of Mr Saiful again.

‘At the onset of the interview, she impressed on me that I would be charged if I refused to cooperate with the police,’ the doctor claimed in his sworn statement.

He said the investigations and high-profile nature of the case ‘disturbed me tremendously and I became worried for my safety and that of my family’. So he packed up his bags, applied for leave and left Malaysia.

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