Malaysians condemn Terengganu splurge on Mercedes cars

Terengganu wrong to splurge on cars

THE recent furore that has been front-paged in The Star regarding Terengganu exco’s purchase of 14 Mercedes-Benz’s has been eye-opening.

It is an excess that should not be tolerated at the best of times and these are certainly among the worst of them.

A RM3.43mil splurge when the nation is reeling from the recent oil, electricity and essential food price increase is unacceptable. What wisdom dictated this course of action?

The reasoning behind this expense is inane enough and if we have such a Mentri Besar, he should be removed before he makes yet another ludicrous decision.

Anybody who buys a new car makes sure that it is covered with a warranty. Buying any new car will thus have zero maintenance costs for the first few years. Later the cars can be auctioned off and new cars with full warranty purchased.

The issue of prolonged running costs, long-term expenses etc does not arise.

Buying a new Mercedes-Benz versus a new Proton Perdana will thus have the same maintenance costs in the first years of running i.e. zero.

However in operational and depreciation costs, the same Mercedes will be far greater and deplete the state’s coffers much quicker.

Operational costs on consumables such as brakes, oil filters and oil are much more expensive for a Mercedes.

And depreciation – 15% on a RM250,000 car is RM37,500 in the first year (if you’re lucky), 15% on RM100,000 (current cost of a Perdana), just RM15,000.

Iit is disturbing to note that more then RM100,000 was spent maintaining a car that was still essentially under warranty.

An investigation should be launched to determine if it was just incompetence that gave rise to this or was there fraud involved in which case reports should be lodged, charges filed and convictions handed out.

Petaling Jaya.


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