Call to review unfair policies

Call to review policies that are unfair

The Government should review existing policies which limit fair and equitable economic opportunities for all.

The positive and constructive policy revisions and improvement of implementation processes will contribute greatly to enhancing national unity in the country,”

Centre for Public Policy Studies chairman Tan Sri Ramon V. Navaratnam said in a statement here yesterday.

He said the centre does not share the views of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak that the Government’s drive for restructuring the country’s economy will not be to the detriment of the non-bumiputra communities.

“The Government’s redistribution policies have always been predicated on the principle of an expanding pie but in practice, the gains stemming from government intervention in the economy has gone towards a limited segment of the bumiputra community,” he said.

He said the non-bumiputra participation in the Government’s economic agenda was limited by policies that explicitly limit the expansion of non-bumiputra policies.

The awarding of government contracts (both closed and negotiated),  licences and permits are skewed in favour of bumiputra firms at present. This limits the opportunities non-bumiputra entrepreneurs have to expand, especially in industries where government demand is a major factor,” Navaratnam said, adding that only favoured individuals and organisations, mainly bumiputra-dominated, saw significant gains.

He said the Government could increase the limited opportunities of the majority of non-bumiputra entrepreneurs by acting without fear or favour towards any community or individual.


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