Umno’s so called Malaysia biggest asset, Mat Rempit rob and terrorize

Mat Rempit rev up nuisance with wild-west style robberies

The Mat Rempits have “revved” up their nuisance level from street racing to robbery.

Police have detained 21 youths of a gang who terrorised their victims by forcing them to drive to a secluded spot and robbing them.

Sentul OCPD Asst Comm Ahmad Sofian Md Yassin said the victims were intimidated and helpless by the large of number of youths on motorcycles.

The youths, all males who called themselves “Double 77” and “Mat Rempit Town”, were nabbed from their homes in Gombak and Seremban in separate operations since June 11.

Eleven motorcycles, 26 handphones and a gold chain were seized from the youths.

He said the youths were involved in at least 30 cases in Sentul and elsewhere in Klang Valley since early this year.

“They would spend the money on modifying their motorcycles,” he said.

“They would first gather at hawker stalls and cybercafes and than would ride around and pick their victims randomly and trail them between midnight and 5am,” he added.


Umno:Mat Rempit is one of Malaysia’s biggest assets

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2 comments on “Umno’s so called Malaysia biggest asset, Mat Rempit rob and terrorize
  1. something need to be done.. the crime rate is getting higher…

  2. dano says:

    It is April 2009 and damn rempits are braver than before!

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