Malaysia, 22 years of cavalier governance


Tunku Abdul Aziz, who authored the book Fighting Corruption: My Mission in 2004, said there was a time when Malaysia arguably had the best and most respected judiciary in the region.

However, it had since come to the point when “lawyers could choose their judges” and companies preferred to settle their disputes outside the country, said Tunku Abdul Aziz, who is the president of the Caux Round Table Malaysia, a US-based business organisation promoting good governance.

“It is so important that the judiciary be made incorruptible. When the people do not trust the A-G and the judiciary, then you fall into this terrible situation,” he added.

He said a Cabinet minister, whose function would only be to advise the Government on constitutional matters, should hold the post of A-G.

Tunku Abdul Aziz also urged the people to act as watchdogs that both “bark and bite”.

Declaring that he was “not anti-government but only anti-corruption”, he said: “I believe that ethics really forms the foundation of good governance, without which even the best rules and procedures come to nothing.”

“Instead we compromise our institutions, our enforcement is derisory. We have no ethics at all. It has been completely eroded by 22 years of a cavalier approach to governance,” he added.

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