Let all enjoy right to higher learning


..the matriculation programme should be abolished. All schools instigate, discourage and force student to go into this programme rather than Form Six. All my children share this dilemma.

The teachers in Form Six just refuse to teach them. Besides my children, I have spoken to parents and other students who simply do not understand why the headmasters and Ministry of Education refuse to look into this despite numerous complaints each year.

Lower Six teachers are never around to teach as they are always attending seminars, courses or are pregnant. I myself have questioned teachers who were supposed to be at seminars and were caught shopping in town or at the movies.

They have never given me an honest answer.

The last part of the comment I find difficult to digest is “it is not a god-given right that every top scorer should be so fortunate though in a perfect society, every such student should automatically be fully funded in furthering his or her studies.”

If the Government is caring and serious about our children’s future, it will have to revamp the PSD, Mara and Petronas funding systems whereby a manageable and systematic approach could be found to ensure all Malaysians regardless of race can read for their basic and master degrees.

Stop talking and do the right thing.

The citizens of this country only ask for help to ensure their children’s future and not free money.


Kuala Lumpur.

Let all enjoy right to higher learning


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