Umno full of Yes-men and hypocrites


Wanita Umno chief Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz has hit out at the hypocrites in Umno who have caused the troubles in the party to continue.
She said their “Yes, Boss” attitude, always nodding in complete agreement to to their leaders’ every word and decision when their own views differed, contributed to the accumulation of problems in Umno.
“With that kind of attitude, it is unfair for the (Barisan Nasional’s) dismal showing in the March 8 general election to the extent of losing five states to the opposition and two-third majority in parliament to be solely attributed to the party’ stop leadership, especially party president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
“It is not right to blame the party president alone and to ask him to step down.
There are so many hypocrites in Umno, and that is why the ship captain does not know where to go. He thinks that everyone is going in the same direction because in front of him, they all say ‘Yes’, will not criticise but say different things behind his back.
“When problems crop up, they ask for the captain to be replaced. You cannot do that…each time the ship is about to sink, you throw the captain into the sea,” she said at a gathering with Kelantan Wanita Umno members, here Friday.
Rafidah said the prevailing problems in Umno had signalled the members that it was time for them to change and be more sincere and brave in their struggles for the party.
“But the fact is, nobody dares to say things that could offend the leaders. The daring ones will, but unfortunately they may face repercussions. Despite this, what is important is sincerity.
“The leaders, on the other hand, must accept criticisms from the members as constructive. Both sides must be open. However, criticisms must be conveyed in a proper manner.”
On the issue of transfer of power, Rafidah said party members should not be too pushy and let it be sorted out by Abdullah and his deputy, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, in the interest of the party and not the individuals.

Malaysian National News Agency :: BERNAMA


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7 comments on “Umno full of Yes-men and hypocrites
  1. VC says:

    Stupid statement by a very stupid minister is my presumption…

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  3. […] Umno full of Yes-men and hypocrites […]

  4. […] Umno full of Yes-men and hypocrites […]

  5. […] Umno full of Yes-men and hypocrites […]

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