Speaker ticks off Khir Toyo


TENG Chang Khim has handled his job as Speaker with style and substance.

The first question-and-answer session of the new state assembly shows Teng to be also a person with a real sense of humour.

The session ended on a light note when Teng rattled off a Malay pantun that cheekily made a jibe against state opposition leader Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo  (Umno-Sungai Panjang), bringing laughter to the House.

Teng’s pantun was along the lines of Dulu dulu, sekarang sekarang, dulu nak bentang masa tak diberikan, sekarang masa dan peluang diberi tapi disia-siakan, (last time was last time, now is now, last time want to speak time was not given, now time and opportunity is given but is being wasted).

Teng had referred to the time apparently wasted by Khir in explaining about the amount of development and investment in Selangor and that the poverty line in the state is not as grim as what was painted out to be.

Teng was in steady control of the House as he handled the question-and-answer session.

He told Khir off on one occasion, ordering him to sit while he was speaking.

Former MB ticked off by Speaker


Selangor under Khir Toyo, a sad state of affairs

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