Fong: Open pre-U courses to all races


A FORMER minister has called for pre-university courses and matriculation programmes to be open to all races.

Datuk Seri Dr Fong Chan Onn (BN – Alor Gajah) said the current system involving two years of STPM or a year of matriculation meant that there were two systems although both served as entry to university.

Dr Fong said many people were unhappy with the criteria for entrance into local universities.

The perception is that the distribution of places and financial aid provided to deserving students are unfair and not keeping to the principle of meritocracy. A policy of meritocracy in the long run will enrich our human capital,” said Dr Fong when debating on the motion of thanks on the royal address.

Salahuddin Ayub (PAS – Kubang Kerian) said sweeping reforms should be made to Parliament to ensure that it was a respected national institution.

Parliament’s role should be enhanced to guarantee the people’s belief in democracy, he said.

“Parliament should be impartial and be able to ensure that enforcement agencies are fair, prevent the abuse of power in the appointment of judges and protect the people’s rights,” he added.

Salahuddin suggested that Parliament be made the main instrument in checking the powers of the Attorney-General, Inspector-General of Police, Anti-Corruption Agency and other national agencies.

Saifuddin Nasution Ismail (PKR – Machang) called for an amendment to the law to ensure that profits from Petronas are utilised “properly” by the Government.

“The Petroleum Development Act should be reviewed so that the House will know how much of the company’s profits are spent,” he said.

Fong: Open pre-U courses to all races


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